20 10 2008

Hello and Welcome to The Group Ride.

Over the years the cycling scene in Fort Collins has grown and become stronger, however; in that time it has also become fragmented.  Group rides, races, and other events often happen without all interested parties being aware.  One of the goals of this site is to give the Fort Collins racers a central place to inform and get informed.  We need your help to make this site successful.  Please send us emails about cross races, local time trials, mtb trails, the status of the velodrome.  We also want to hear how local racers do while racing locally, nationally, and even internationally. Feel free to post race accounts, epic training rides, race pictures, videos, even talk some trash-basically anything you feel the rest of us may be interested in.

If you have anything you would like to post please let us know.  This site won’t work without input from the cycling community.

The Group Ride was also established to promote the rides that made Fort Collins the cycling powerhouse that it is today.  The Wednesday Worlds Ride and the Oval Ride are the cornerstones of Fort Collins racing.  However, in recent years, the numbers at these rides have begun to dwindle. In order to continue to produce the best racers in the state we need to roll out to these rides in full force.  Yes, sometimes it’s easier to do a different ride, but in F.C.C. we don’t do things the easy way. (thanks for the line AC)

In order to increase the desire for these local rides we plan on incorporating the always-popular helmet cams.  It will be great entertainment and maybe even educational to see these rides from a different vantage point. Eventually we hope to award prizes to the winners of these weekly rides from local businesses.

For the success of the page we could also use the help of avid cross racers, mountain bikers, and track racers to run their respective pages.  It would be impossible for one or two people to stay on top of all of this.

Thanks and Enjoy!

Note: if any local businesses would like to become weekly sponsors of these rides please let us know.   We are looking for something valued at around $25.00.   In return, the business will get their logo, a link and a company write-up on this site.  This will be housed on the homepage for the week and after that on our sponsor page for the rest of the year.  The link to your website will also show up on every page.

We are also hoping to purchase a site video camera to be used at the rides as well as in races.   The cost of the camera is roughly $350.00.  The company that provides us with the money to purchase this camera will have the camera named after them i.e. The Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant Helmet Cam (which will be mentioned and recognized every time a video is posted) as well as their logo and  company write up  on the sponsor page and their logo and link on every page on the site. This has been purchased, more details soon!

Please see the sponsors page for more information.

This is a work in progress.  Email us with comments, questions, and concerns.


So when we found out that Amanda Miller from CSU had raced her way to the Silver medal at this years Collegiate Short Track National Championships we started to spread the word asking for a race report.

Well here it is.  Thanks and Congratulations Amanda!

Collegiate Mountain Bike Nationals Short Track Race
I woke up to a fog/mist mixture.  Fortunately, the temperatures were decent (in the 50’s).  However, the course was destroyed.  It had rained all day the day before, and there was still precipitation coming down for our 10:00am start.  The field was smaller than last year.  I received the second call-up, behind Eszter Horanyi from University of Colorado.  She was the reigning national champion and I had won the RMCCC championships.  The rest of the conference champions lined up on the front row.  The race was 20minutes plus two laps, I think.  The gun went off, and I had a pretty bad start.  Couldn’t find my pedal for some reason.  So I had to fight my way to the front, which was a bit sketchy as we came into the first corner.  I kept it upright and eventually found myself at the front.  I led up the hill the first time.  The hill was the hardest part of the race.  It by no means would have been a hard hill if it was dry.  However, the mud decided where your bike was going.  I had hardly any control of it as I was climbing.  I got passed by a few people and found myself sitting in 5th place (or somewhere close by).  After a few laps of crashing and taking poor lines, I found my rhythm and went to it.  I started picking people off, and eventually made my way back up to 2nd place, which was Eszter.  I knew Carla Swart, from Lees McRae was way off the front.  The last time I saw her was when she passed me on the first lap.  I caught up to Eszter on 3 laps to go.  I put quite a bit of time on her, but couldn’t see Carla.  I heard the announcer talk about her as she passed through the finish line and knew there was no way I was going to catch her.  So I finished 2nd, caked in mud.  Pretty sure I had mud up my nose by the time the race had ended.  All in all though, it was a fun race and a great experience!




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