The Next Big Thang

14 01 2009

I have been looking all over the place for the best way to document and post MTB trails in the area and have decided that Net Cairns probably the best way.   So far only a few local trails have been mapped.  In order to get a better database of FTC MTB rides I have cooked up yet another way to give away free stuff.

New Belgium Brewery has been a supporter of all things bike for a long time and they have stepped up yet again and given some cool stuff to the site.  I am going to give a New Belgium  jersey and case of beer to the winner of the following contest.

Here’s what you gotts to do.

*Go to
*Find a local trail (try to keep in within 30 miles of the Fort) that hasn’t been mapped and map it.  I’m talkin full details, do your research and fill out all the sections. Top to bottom.  Head to toe………
when you are done send us an email and I’ll drop your name into the hat.  On February 1st I’ll pick a winner from all of the mappers.
*If you have already mapped a  local ride on Net Cairns shoot us an email

Once we have all/most of the trails mapped I’ll add them to the site.  I’m pretty sure the guys at Net Cairns will be pretty jazzed too.

Hey Roadies, would you be interested in the same sort of contest only using road routes?  We might do the same thing using if I get some positive feedback.

Thanks and happy mapping




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