The Point?

Hello and Welcome to The Group Ride.

Over the years the cycling scene in Fort Collins has grown and become stronger, however; in that time it has also become fragmented.  Group rides, races, and other events often happen without all interested parties being aware.  One of the goals of this site is to give the Fort Collins racers a central place to inform and get informed.  We need your help to make this site successful.  Please send us emails about cross races, local time trials, mtb trails, the status of the velodrome.  We also want to hear how local racers do while racing locally, nationally, and even internationally. Feel free to post race accounts, epic training rides, race pictures, videos, even talk some trash-basically anything you feel the rest of us may be interested in.

If you have anything you would like to post please let us know.  This site won’t work without input from the cycling community.

The Group Ride was also established to promote the rides that made Fort Collins the cycling powerhouse that it is today.  The Wednesday Worlds Ride and the Oval Ride are the cornerstones of Fort Collins racing.  However, in recent years, the numbers at these rides have begun to dwindle. In order to continue to produce the best racers in the state we need to roll out to these rides in full force.  Yes, sometimes it’s easier to do a different ride, but in F.C.C. we don’t do things the easy way. (thanks for the line AC)

In order to increase the desire for these local rides we plan on incorporating the always-popular helmet cams.  It will be great entertainment and maybe even educational to see these rides from a different vantage point. Eventually we hope to award prizes to the winners of these weekly rides from local businesses.

For the success of the page we could also use the help of avid cross racers, mountain bikers, and track racers to run their respective pages.  It would be impossible for one or two people to stay on top of all of this.

Thanks and Enjoy!

Note: if any local businesses would like to become weekly sponsors of these rides please let us know.   We are looking for something valued at around $25.00.   In return, the business will get their logo, a link and a company write-up on this site.  This will be housed on the homepage for the week and after that on our sponsor page for the rest of the year.  The link to your website will also show up on every page.


4 responses

14 11 2008
Gary Blackden

Nothin’ like some fresh and cool exposure! I’m up for throwing some 1/2 hour gift certificates out there for some much needed therapeutic massage with our crew here in Fort Collins in support of what ya’ll are doing and creating! Great job with the site and keep it rolling!

1 12 2008

Great contribution to making this a platinum level bicycle community!

15 12 2008
sarah uhl

Hello everybody. I must say, I am so pleased to see a website such as this striving for greater cohesion of the cycling community in Fort Collins. I have been around bicycle racing for over half the humble years of my life, living in successful and unsuccessful examples of said “community.” I would like make a few suggestions based upon some seemingly universal trends in the cycling world, as well as a few whimsical dreamer minded ideas an idealist like myself has come up with on my own. So here goes some suggestions on the topic of “the point:”
1. Consider befriending someone of the other sized rubber. It is great to be identified with- and partial to- your favorite sort of bicycle riding or racing, but this sort of exclusiveness can cause some divisions in a cycling community. You might discover that flopping your leg over the top tube of a downhill bike has a thing or two to teach your freshly shaven legs…
2. Savor the off season. I know your eternally dedicated to that category upgrade next season, but its not going anywhere fast. Nows the time to let the love sink in, and for me it comes from deep and meaningful conversations driven by my bicycle love. Bicycle love looks different to everyone, but consider working on an off the bike, bike project. You might meet that special someone of the other sized rubber and discover you have a lot more in common than you thought before. our common ground is our love for two wheelers and the geography we share, so it might be fun to contribute to all the incredible bike culture projects going on- like the bike library or the bike coop or diamond peaks mountain bike patrol. These are our home grown resources that need your love and appreciation to continue.
3. Talk endlessly about your favorite rides, races, or bicycle related ideas. sharing your love and lure leads to others enjoyment of that love and lore. what is the point of doing an epic ride that makes you love fort collins more than anywhere else when you don’t have someone to share it with?
4. Give a girl (or a guy) a chance. You see them everywhere, bike riding freaks of the opposite sex. I bet they sure don’t look like they could keep up with you (or would ever be willing to wait for you) but you might be surprised. Its fun to share your passion with your mate, so don’t get so caught up in differences. Seriously, there are lots of sleepers out there and it might just take a few inspired bicycle rides together to pull the dormant racemonster out of their sexy selves and before long you’ll be asking yourself what you just created. Or it might be vise versa. You might be the one in need of some down home bike around town simplicity and it could be sharing that with someone more “low key” that brings it out of you for the better. Bikes are one incredible common ground to base a love affair around. seriously.

4 12 2009
C. Andrews

I know absolutely nothing about the cycling world, so I have no idea where to start my search for some info.
I figured ya’ll, being in the cycle world, might be able to help me.
Your assistance would be greatly appreciated:
I need to know if there is/are morals clauses in agreements made between cyclists and sponsors.
Specifically let me ask you a hypothetical question: If a young woman, say from Iowa, went to work for a cycle shop (in Ft. Collins Colorado) with the intent of sleeping with the owner of that shop so she could acquire all equipment (necessary to be competitive in the cycle racing world) for free; and she started a clandestine relationship with that (married) owner such that it ended his 20+ year marriage, totally shattering the wife ,and son.
Basically, a little corn fed, gold digging, self involved, snag came out of the corn fields, and against everything her momma & poppa had taught her, entered into an adulterous, scandalous relationship with a married man, and shattered that family… Would that little snag have violated any morals clauses that you are aware of in the cycling world??? Say maybe a sponsor like Lipsmackers??

If you could maybe point me in a direction where I could get some help it would be great.
Thank you

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